What We Offer

In addition to the traditional services that you would expect such as preparation of bills, points of dispute, negotiation, replies, issuing Part 8 proceedings if required and attending detailed assessment, we also provide:

  • Costs budgeting – including help with the new electronic Bill of Costs
  • Case management
  • Preparation of costs statements and estimates
  • Preparation of LSC case plans and claim forms
  • Free telephone advice for clients on any legal costing matter
  • Fees tailored to client requirements
  • Regular free training and seminars
  • Free courier service to collect and return files
  • In-house assistance if required

When we are representing the Receiving Party, in the vast majority of cases our fees are recovered from the Paying Party and our aim is to provide our services at little or no additional cost to our client.

Download our company brochure for further information.