HMCTS selects KIDATU for Emergency Service

KIDATU has been selected by HMCTS to handle its new out of hours Emergency Protection Orders, following the changes introduced by the creation of the Single Family Court in April 2014. The service supports the HMCTS process in relation to the handling of out of hours Emergency Protection Orders as defined in Practice Direction 12E. (High Court Urgent Business Practice Direction 12E)

The initiative allows the local authority and court staff to place urgent cases before a Judge out of normal office hours. All interested parties are able to take part and decisions made as to how to move forward. The proceedings are recorded and transcripts prepared where necessary.

Steve Roberts, one of KIDATU’s Founder Directors said: “We’re very proud that HMCTS have selected us for their new service. We have provided over 100 Court officers with secure conference call credentials which they can use day or night to facilitate emergency hearings, although so far most hearings have been in the late evening. The service allows everyone to get together wherever they may be without the need to travel to a court building.”