Guideline Hourly Rates

Click the link below for the speech given by Mr Justice Foskett to MASS (The Motor Accidents Solicitors Society) on 25 October 2013 which deals with Guideline Hourly Rates. 

Mr Justice Foskett is Chairman of the Costs Committee of the Civil Justice Council which was set up earlier this year with the immediate task of making recommendations to the Master of the Rolls on updated Guideline Hourly Rates (GHR) for solicitors. GHR affect directly what can be recovered from the losing party in civil litigation and are, therefore, of very considerable importance to litigation solicitors. The current GHR are considerably out-of-date and based on out-dated information.

The Costs Committee has been asked to produce evidence-based recommendations by 31 March next year. They already have some evidence from recent surveys of solicitors’ practices, and are currently in the process of supplementing and cross-checking their validity through a survey of our own which is due to close on 29 November 2013.