Will a solution to the problem of Litigants in Person be found in time for Christmas?

The problem of litigants in person is ‘not just a family issue’ but is one that has increased across a wide range of civil cases.

Justice Minister Simon Hughes said at the recent Liberal Democrats Party Conference in Glasgow that he has “persuaded” the MoJ to find a solution to the growing number of litigants in person and the issues surrounding it, but needless to say gave no indication of what the solution could be.

According to Mr Hughes, “the government will make an announcement within weeks”.

The announcement will affect all civil courts and “may come into force before Christmas”. Mr Hughes also indicated that the application process for exceptional funding – designed as a safety net for ‘deserving’ cases that fall outside the scope of the dwindling Legal Aid resources – would be made ‘much easier’ before the 2015 general election.

However, the LibDems went on to echo the other two main parties in saying, “there can be no extra funds to restore legal aid provision”.

Some have suggested ADR might solve the problem but surely that would still involve some cost to both sides. Even State appointed Arbitrators would involve the Government in significant outlay.

It has also been suggested that looking at the bigger picture many LiP claims could be resolved prior to cases being raised – see “The Cost of Problem Debts” link below:


The world awaits the much lauded announcement with bated breath!