Solicitors’ clients allowed more time to complain

The six month time limit for clients to complain to the Legal Ombudsman is to be doubled from this summer, it has been announced.

The new time limit, which takes effect from 9 July, runs from the date of receiving a final response from the lawyer.

A spokesperson for the Legal Ombudsman said: “The revised time limit will mean that all final response letters which are sent by legal services providers in the Legal Ombudsman’s jurisdiction on, or after 9 July 2015, must include the 12 month time limit.  Any final response letters sent before 9 July 2015 should include the six month time limit.

“We suggest that from 9 July 2015 legal services providers ensure that this change is reflected in their client care letters, terms and conditions, and complaints procedures.”

The change is required by the European ADR Directive, the purpose of which is to ensure that all consumers in the EU have access to an ADR scheme to seek redress when they have experienced problems with goods and services they have purchased.