Post April 2013 success fees – interesting decision & Judgment

The headline on Twitter read, “Ruling casts doubt on PI lawyers’ model of recovering success fee from damages” which is perhaps a somewhat sensationalised version of the ruling itself.

It refers to the case of A (1) and M (2) (both by their Litigation Friend) -and- Royal Mail Group which dealt with post April 2013 CFAs where a 100% success fee was sought capped at 25% of damages.  The Court was involved as the claim was brought on behalf of two children who suffered injury in a car crash and the DJ (Regional Costs Judge) in Birmingham raised quite a few interesting issues that led him to conclude that, “any competent solicitor would advise a prospective Litigation Friend that other solicitors may be prepared to accept instructions without insisting upon a success fee.”

View the Full Judgment: 150819 A(1) M(2) Post April 13 success fees GK