New Practice Directions for Court of Protection now in force

New Practice Directions, and amendments to the Practice Directions, supplementing the Court of Protection Rules 2007 have come into force this week (6 April).

They have been made by the President of the Court of Protection, Sir James Munby, under the powers delegated to him by the Lord Chief Justice under section 52(3) of the Mental Capacity Act and Schedule 2, Part 1, paragraph 2(2) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.

The new practice directions and amendments have been approved by Justice Minister Simon Hughes, by the authority of the Lord Chancellor.

The amendments and new Practice Directions come into force on 6 April 2015 as follows:

Practice Direction 3A – Authorised Court Officers

Practice Direction 3B – Levels of Judiciary

Practice Direction 11A – Human Rights

Practice Direction 12A – Court’s jurisdiction to be exercised by certain judges

Practice Direction 20A – Appeals

Practice Direction 20B – Allocation of Appeals

The MoJ said there would be further amendments to Practice Directions not listed above on 1 July 2015.

A Court of Protection Practice Directions schedule can be viewed here.