March/April 2020 – Practice Direction updates

The Ministry of Justice has signed the 113th update – practice direction amendments, which makes amendments to various practice directions supplementing the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). The amendments, which come into force variously on 31 March 2020 and 6 April 2020, cover the following practice directions: CPR PD 2B, CPD PD 2E, CPR PD 7E, CPR PD 16, CPR PD 22, CPR PD 32, CPR PD 44, CPD PD 51O, CPR PD 51R, CPR PD 51T, CPR PD 52A, CPR PD 52D and CPR PD Proceedings Under Enactments Relating to Equality.

Details of the changes to practice directions are set out in this document:

113th update—practice direction amendments

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