Case Management – unrepresented parties – new Rule 3.1A

On 1 October 2015 a new rule was introduced in relation to case management of matters involving “litigants in person” by way of the 81st update to the Civil Procedure Rules:-

“Case Management- unrepresented parties –

3.1A – (1) This rule applies in any proceedings where at least one party is unrepresented.

(2)  When the court is exercising any powers of case management, it must have regard to the fact that at least one party is unrepresented.

(3) Both the parties and the court must, when drafting case management directions in the multi-track and fast track, take as their starting point any relevant standard directions which can be found online at and adopt them as appropriate to the circumstances of the case.

(4)  The court must adopt such procedures at any hearing as it considers appropriate to further the overriding objective.

(5)  At any hearing where the court is taking evidence this may include-

(a) ascertaining from an unrepresented party the matters about which the witness may be able to give evidence or on which the witness ought to be cross-examined; and

(b) putting, or causing to be put, to the witness such questions as may appear to the court to be proper.”